Holli Yeoh, design process

On the move

Avery cuff Avery progress

Our two weeks in Edmonton have drawn to a close and we returned home this morning.  The time went all too quickly.  We didn’t get a chance to do all the activities we had planned and although I had a chance to get a lot of knitting and some designing done, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as I brought with me!  The above photo is an update on the Avery sweater.  I like the slow change in colour in the corrugated rib cuff. Since the photo was taken, I’ve completed the second sleeve so it’s just the front and finishing to go.

glove palm glove with daisy

I finished up the gloves on which I was working. I’m much more happy with the results this time. The fingers are no longer too tight. A little more fine tuning and test knitting is required – especially in the children’s and the men’s sizes. Then I need to knit some more samples to photograph and get this pattern published!

Specs for glove
Pattern: my own (a Bee’s Knees Knits design in development)
Yarn: Opal 1010 and Phildar Preface moss green 019
I’m really pleased with the thumb gusset.  After sampling a number of gusset styles I designed a hybrid palm/basic gusset.  The line created by the increases on the palm of the hand it slightly reminiscent of a life line.  Seems fitting.

We’re on the move again tomorrow to visit friends on the Sunshine Coast.  I’ll be sure to bring my knitting as the kids play all day.