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Wool Revival

Wool Revival

Wool Revival is one of my favourite LYSs in Edmonton.  Owner, Bonnie really encouraged me to publish my designs and she was the first shop owner to place an order of my first pattern, Candace almost 4 years ago.  She has supported me since the beginning and it’s always nice to go in for a visit when I’m in town.  When I was in I found out that Wool Revival now has a web presence.  Welcome to the blogging world Bonnie!

Wool Revival yarn

Yesterday when I showed up at the shop I saw a couple of other familiar faces there – yarn reps Gary and Stephanie were showing their wares. There will be some new beautiful yarns at Wool Revival this fall! I saw that Noro colour swatches were laid out on the table. I’ve always liked the selection of yarns at Wool Revival. Bonnie carried Rowan back when you could hardly find it locally. She also has Mission Falls, Fleece Artist, Hand Maiden, Jo Sharp, Manos and many, many more. The above photo shows the cotton section of the shop.

Wool Revival self-patt Wool Revival BKK display

And perhaps most importantly she carries a wide variety of self-patterning yarns and has Bee’s Knees Knits samples on display!

Kim’s JoJo

To my pleasant surprise, a customer stepped forward and said, “Is that Holli?” What fun meeting Kim of the beautiful Jamie I talked about here. Thank you Kim for sharing your beautiful knits with me – I love seeing them. Earlier this year, Kim also sent me photos of her JoJo. I just love this shot of her daughter showing off the back of the sweater.

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  1. Thanks Holli! It was so nice to meet you in person. Bonnie is great isn’t she? Aside from all the wonderful yarn and patterns we always have such a good chat (something I’ve been know to enjoy besides knitting – yacking!). I still maintain that you are just so cute!

    Good to know you aren’t tired of seeing the sweaters I create for my daughter. I’m going to start on Ruby as soon as I get a couple of baby gifts off my plate.

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