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A package of yarn arrived for me at my Mum’s.  I ordered it just before I left for Edmonton and had it shipped here so I could play with it right away (and save a little on taxes!).  I ordered some Noro Kureyon and Blossom from Wool Needle Work.  I like ordering from them because they’re Canadian and they have great prices.  Their delivery time is great too.

kureyon blossom

I had fun photographing the yarn in the garden – it was hard choosing the best shots! Kureyon 183 is on the left and Blossom 5 is on the right.

Since I wanted to swatch with the Blossom right away, I had to wind a skein into a ball.  I don’t have my ball winder with me so I devised a nostepinde out of a toilet paper tube.  I had seen it somewhere before and wanted to see if I could figure out how to do it.  Here are the steps.

Step 1

1. Cut a small slit in an empty toilet paper tube (or any other tube).  Slip the end of the skein through the slit.

Step 2

2. Start winding the yarn around the tube on a slight diagonal while slowly rotating the tube.  At first it doesn’t look much like anything is happening.

Step 3

3. Continue winding the yarn and you’ll see the start of a ball.

Step 4

4. Here’s the completed ball before it’s pulled off of the toilet paper tube.

geranium rose

Finally, the ball of Blossom nestled among some of the lovely blossoms in Mum’s garden.

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