Holli Yeoh, design process

What to Pack?

School’s out and Devan and I hopped on a plane to visit the grandparents for two weeks.  My biggest dilemma was what knitting to pack!  Between the many design ideas competing for time in my head, the yarn for these projects and my knitting library I had a tough time narrowing it down.


I think I’ll concentrate on finalizing the numbers for some gloves I’m working on.  The fingers were too tight on the last prototype.  I’m having fun trying out a whole slew of thumb gussets in an attempt to decide on the best one.  I also brought yarn for sweater samples and extra needles for possible projects.  Maybe a trip to a LYS is in order too!

lily-pads.jpg goldfish.jpg

My favourite place to knit when I’m visiting my Mum’s is in her garden next to her beautiful goldfish pond.  I love the fragrant smells of the plants and the sounds of birds and the scolding squirrels. 


Best of all love the sound of her waterfall.