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Time to share

I just love receiving email from knitters who have completed one of my sweaters – especially when they send photos!  Martha has outdone herself by knitting not one, but TWO Drunken Argyle vests.  The original pattern was published in the men’s issue of

marthas-drunken-argyle.jpg marthas-drunken-argyle-bac.jpg

In January Martha emailed me a photo of her first vest that she knit for her 28-yr-old son for Christmas.  He selected the design from about six vests that Martha showed him.  He’s a graphic designer and as Martha said, 

“The idea of the argyle being drunken really appealed to his sense of humour.”

toms-drunken-argyle-dk.jpg toms-drunken-argyle-back.jpg

Then in February, Martha wrote to me again to tell me that her 26-yr-old son wanted a Drunken Argyle vest too, however Martha was suffering from tendonitis and wanted to knit it in a larger gauge.  Her son could not be dissuaded even though Martha tried showing him many ‘sober’ and less detailed options.  Martha wrote,

“He would dearly love a drunken version as he claims he doesn’t take his golfing too seriously!”

I sent Martha some options and possible solutions and she surprised me by sending me photos of the finished vest earlier this month.  It took her just under a month to complete a DK version of Drunken Argyle.  Doesn’t it look great?!

“If my youngest lad insists on one I will do it.”

Martha, I want to see a picture of all three of your sons wearing their Drunken Argyle vests.  Thank you for sharing your story and your knitting with me.

One thought on “Time to share”

  1. Nothing like being a bit behind in my reading. 🙂

    I’m plugging away on a Drunken Argyle for my DH. It’s been about 6 months and I’ve finally finished the back. WHEW! Today…the front! Keep your fingers crossed that the carpel tunnel doesn’t come back. DH wants this vest for a golf tournament in September. I’m kicking myself that I hadn’t thought of doing a DK version. Oh well. Maybe I’ll do one for myself.

    Thanks for a great pattern. I’ll send a picture when I’m done.

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