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My Little Ponies

Pony Pearls

Pearls, that is.  I’ve been looking everywhere for a Canadian source for Pony Pearl dpns.  I found them at the Beehive Wool Shop in Victoria when I participated in the yarn crawl at the Victoria Fibre Festival.  So, I decided to get a set in every size from 2 mm to 4 mm.  At some point I’ll probably regret not getting the full range but at least now I know where I can find them.

I fell in love with them when I started a new pair of socks after knitting with my Crystal Palace bamboo dpns.  The yarn just doesn’t slide on the bamboo and the tips were starting to catch and snag the yarn.  Not good.  Once I switched over to the Pony Pearls it just felt so much nicer to be knitting with them.

They are made out of cellulose acetate and are reinforced with a steel rod in the centre.  Some don’t like how the steel rod rattles a little but I don’t mind.  Each size is a different colour and that’s just an added bonus.  The needles are fun and quirky and I’m glad I finally found them. 


I started working on a glove with the 2.75 mm size.  The pattern is my own and needs a little more reworking before I’ll be satisfied.  The yarn is Opal Rodeo and Opal Uni in black.

One thought on “My Little Ponies”

  1. Hi Holli !

    You can buy Pony Pearls online from Connie at

    I like the Ponys (Ponies?), but still prefer the old grey metal needles over them and the wood/bamboo.

    I saw your booth at the Knit-out at the park, your patterns are so nice! I am the dork who exclaimed “Oh, it’s YOU!” when you were setting up. It was kind of cool meeting you after seeing your patterns online.

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