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Up, Up and Away

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Sunday at the Victoria Knit-Out prooved to be a challenging day weatherwise.  When we arrived to set up the tent there were grey skies and the rain was holding. Devan helped unpack his bear modeling the Bobo sweater design.


After the tent was up and about the time people started arriving for the Knit-Out it tried raining a few times.  The skies were toying with us.  It would rain for a while and then it would stop.  Then the rain water would blow off the top of the tent in a big splat over the side.  Then it would rain again and I would pull everything in from the sides to keep the yarn dry. 

tent.jpg windy-tent.jpg

Throughout the afternoon we had cloud and patches of blue skies.  The whole time it was windy. By mid-afternoon there were sunny breaks and the wind was buffeting the tent around (look at the angle of the tent legs, the billowing walls and the angles of the hanging sweaters and things on the wall).  By 3:30 it was apparant that I had to take the tent down or risk having it fly up, up and away and then land in the ocean.  Thankfully some very helpful and friendly tourists from Denver CO walking by just then grabbed the tent legs to hold it down while I ran around pulling everything down that was hanging on the tent.  Then along with Nigel and myself, all four of us ripped down the walls and collapsed the tent.  


Eventful weather aside, I had a great day meeting new people and talking with knitters.  Some of my customers like Diana and Carole who I’ve chatted with by email introduced themselves and it was so great to meet them in person.  I also saw friends and bloggers Uli, Shelley from Fun Knits store, Megan and Leanne. Thanks to Marilyn for organizing a great event.

knitters.jpg table.jpg

It was fun to see knitters’ reactions to my designs. They are so familiar to me and it seems so obvious to me that they use self-patterning sock yarn that it was always a surprise to me that many knitters did not realise that. Some were even unfamiliar with self-patterning yarn. Are they in for a fun experience the first time they knit with it! I’m glad I did all that sample knitting – it sure made a difference to show people how the yarn that I have knits up.

2 thoughts on “Up, Up and Away”

  1. Holli,
    it was so wonderful to meet you. I loved seeing all your samples etc. We left before noon. It was just too cool. I ended up on the one o’clock ferry and made it home in time to do some household organizing at home before the work week started again. It was a wonderful, albeit quick, getaway. Hope to meet up with again some other time.

  2. Hi Holli: I thought of you all day Saturday as it just poured when it rained in Vancouver. Glad you were able to see some of your clients in person. I love the blog. Keep up the good work. Happy Knitting! Margaret

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