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Last minute details


Mechelle Lymburner, a photographer friend and the mother of one of Devan’s classmates offered to photograph some of my sweaters to use in posters for my tent at the Knit-Out. We threw the sweaters on some kids in the playground after school one day last week and had some fun. Mechelle dropped the photos off this afternoon before we left for Victoria. All I have to say is WOW! Mechelle has a great way with design, composition and use of light. She’s amazingly fast at snapping just the right shot of the kids. Check out Mechelle’s site to see more of her work.


I managed to finish three sweaters (running left to right Lucy, Kieran and Aidan) in time for the Knit-Out. Not bad. How long has it been? Four weeks? I was hoping for more but I always over-estimate my time and forget to take into account the other things I have to do. I also have a fourth sweater in the works – Ruby still needs sleeves and a hood.


Patterns and Yarn
Lucy cardigan (my pattern): Opal Rainbow and Opal Uni pink (1413) and purple (18)
Kieran pullover (my pattern): Opal Petticoat (1291) and Opal Uni green (1266)
Aidan vest (my pattern): Opal Elements (1074) and Shelridge Farm Ultra Soft Touch fingering weight in Ice Blue
Ruby hoody (my pattern): Opal Petticoat (1294) and Shelridge Farm Ultra Soft Touch fingering weight in Thistleflower

I spent the day today running around trying to get last minute things done.  In between soccer practice and school, I also managed to get some kit labels printed, picked up the newly formatted patterns for the kits and framed the posters.  And while in the car and on the ferry I also worked on my demonstration sample for the Knit-Out. 

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