design process

Back to the drawing board

not so watery

Hmm, my watery, wavy sock design just isn’t fitting the bill for me.  While I think parts of it are interesting – I like that the lozenge shaped repeat isn’t repeating predictably around the sock.  Sometimes it’s a double line of traveling sts, sometimes a triple line and sometimes just a single line.  I’m finding that the variegated yarn is taking away from the stitch pattern.  It’s not really following my “5 foot rule” -if you can’t really see a stitch pattern in a self-patterning or variegated yarn when it’s 5 feet from you, it’s not worth the extra effort.

Also, the traveling stitches are far more fiddly on dpns than I thought they would be.  I’ve been trying them without a cable needle, but the sts are unraveling a bit, so I have to tinker with them to get them back on the needle.  I think it’s back to the drawing board with this one.  I would like thicker waves, which will limit the number of them , but that just might work for this sock.  You may see this one again in the future, or you may not!