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Itchy fingers

Not in the literal sense.  I’ve really been wanting a mindless knit.  I love knitting someone else’s designs because I don’t have to figure out stitch counts or calculate the rate of decrease for raglans or any of those things.  I also learn a lot from other designers – the way they word their instructions or sometimes a unique construction technique.  I started in right away with a gauge swatch using the Peruvian Highland Wool I received on Friday.  I’ve been wanting to knit Bonne Marie Burns’ Ribby Cardi pattern from ChicKnits.

3 inches

This is how much I’ve knit on the sweater so far.  I’m pleased with the wool – it’s soft and has a nice hand.  The gauge is so much bigger than I’m used to working with that this thing is growing really quickly!

I’ve made a few changes – just can’t leave a design alone.  I plan on making a casing for the zipper – more to follow when I get to that point.  I did this a while back with another sweater and was pleased with the results.  This time I’m planning in advance and cast on a few less stitches to accomodate for the extra width the casing provide.  I’m also knitting it in one piece up to the armholes so I omitted four selvage sts (two for each seam).  I juggled the ribbing pattern a little so it flows seamlessly where the seams aught to have been.