design process, yarn, computer sock

Who me? Design a sock?


So I started a new computer sock the other day and after a good solid 2 inch ribbed cuff I took a good look at what I had so far.  The striping pattern of the Regia self-patterning yarn seemed pretty uninspired.  For a mindless computer sock I want the yarn to stand up on its own without any stitch pattern to create the interest.  This yarn just wasn’t cutting it.  … THEN I came across this sock  (scroll down to the bottom of the post) that the Yarn Harlot just finished.  A wonderful double cable that reminds me of the ocean in a Socks That Rocks yarn.  Hmm, the yarn I started my sock in is from Regia’s Canadian Fashion Colours collection and it’s “British Columbia,” which is where I live, right beside the ocean.  Now I want a watery wavy sock. Next thing I know, I’ve ripped out the needles and I’m flipping through my Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries.

I found a great pattern that should suit my needs, but quickly realised it doesn’t divide nicely into any standard st count.  Lots of fiddling around with the graph paper and lots of erasing later, I’m pretty happy with the patterns I’ve come up with.  Now it’s time to start swatching.