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Computer sock

I like to have a simple stocking stitch sock on the needles and I keep it beside my computer.  When I’m reading blogs or email or waiting for pages to load I pick it up and knit a few more stitches.  It’s amazing how quickly it grows.

computer sock

 I’ve just finished my latest pair.  This is a toe-up sock à la Cat Bordhi. I took a workshop with her last fall which you can read about here and she gave some of us a sneak preview of some of the new sock architecture that will be featured in her upcoming books. I can’t wait until they come out!

whirlpool toe heel back

I’m happy with many things about this sock. Love the “whirlpool toe” as she calls it. Love the really high heel back – I usually wear through my socks just above the reinforced stitching on my handknit socks. Love the reinforced underside of the heel.  I used 2 mm needles for the first time – I usually use 2.25 mm – and I’m really pleased with the tighter, denser fabric. I also used Austermann Step for the first time and is it ever soft! The wool/nylon blend is impregnated with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil which are supposed to help care for your feet and protect against dryness, if you can believe it. Apparently the effect is good for over 40 washes. The yarn handles nicely when knitting and the fabric has a nice hand. Then I tried them on. They even felt different – like they were really moisturizing! I would definitely recommend this yarn.