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I teach a Strategies for Knitting with Self-Patterning Sock Yarns class.  How’s that for a mouthful!  One of the points I like to make is that your stitch pattern has to be really simple in order to do both the stitch pattern and the self-patterning yarn justice.  The standards such as stocking stitch, garter stitch, reverse stocking stitch, and ribbing all look great. If you choose a really intricate stitch pattern it will probably get lost in the patterned yarn.

cable swatch lattice swatch

Take a look at these cable and lace patterns and you’ll probably agree with me that there’s too much careful knitting for the visual return. If you walk 5 feet away, how much of the stitch pattern can you see? How about 10 feet? And across the room?  I say it’s not worth the effort to knit a beautiful lace or cable using self-patterning sock yarn if you have to be up close and personal to see the knitting.

st st swatch

This yarn looks much better in a simple stitch pattern.

While trolling the internet and pouring over my stitch dictionaries looking for both appropriate and inappropriate stitch patterns for use with self-patterning sock yarn, I came across Megan Humphrey’s sock pattern called Eagle’s Flight using Opal’s Owl colourway. In the online photos the feathery lace stitch looked promising. It didn’t seem to disappear into the Owl colourway.

Owly socks

I recently started knitting the pattern and was disappointed to see that when on the foot, it didn’t really seem to stand out. I’ve just started the second sock and snapped this photo which is not too bad as far as stitch pattern is concerned. I’m still undecided whether this stitch pattern works with this yarn based on my criteria. I’ll finish off the other sock and try to get some shots on my feet from a little bit of a distance. I’ll get back to you on this one.