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So far so good


The knitting for the felted clog is coming along quickly.  I’m happy with my colour selection although I realised that I goofed with the amounts.  The sole (orange) takes twice as much yarn as the upper (pink).  I had one ball of orange and two of pink.  Woops!  A quick stop at my LYS one day and the project continues.


I’m pleased with the difference between the felted swatch and my knitting.  It looks like there’ll be hope for this project as long as I have faith in my swatch.

2 thoughts on “So far so good”

  1. Holli, that is so funny. I did exactly the same thing – got two of the colour I needed one of and one of the one I needed two of. (what good english!). I think the instructions must be incorrect for us both to have had the same error. Oh, and I haven’t felted mine yet. Must find washing machine.


  2. Nigel, feel free to come on over and use my washing machine. We can have a good visit at the same time.


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