Candace errata

Note the pattern number on the bottom right-hand corner of the cover page. The first number refers to the pattern and the number after the decimal is the numbered revision (e.g. #1.2 is Candace, revision number 2). Corrections are listed in order by most recent revision number. Text in red is the corrected wording.

If your copy of this pattern predates our pattern coding system, and you are having a problem with the instructions, please contact me directly.

#1.3 revised on August 14, 2004

Next row (RS) : K33.

Shape armholes
Next row (WS) : Purl.

#1.2 revised on July 27, 2004

Reworked the sleeve for a slightly larger sleeve cap. This affected all the increases and final stitch counts.

Change to larger needles and inc 1 st at each edge of next row then every foll 2nd (2nd, 2nd, 4th) row 1 (1, 4, 19) times, 46 (52, 58, 94) sts, then every foll 4th (4th, 4th , 6th) row 13 (16, 17, 3) times. 72 (84, 92, 100) sts.

Final st count after decreasing for the sleeve cap.

60 (66, 74, 82) sts.

Final sleeve measurements as indicated on final page of pattern.

9 ½ (11 ¼, 12 ¼, 13 ¼) in
24.5 (28.5, 31, 34) cm

Pattern innovation providing instructions for premeasured lengths for working the intarsia section on the back of the sweater.

Before you start knitting, wind off a 165 (185, 210, 245)” [4.2 (4.7, 5.4, 6.3) m] long length of CC to be used when working the rectangular patch detail on the upper back.

Rectangular patch detail: This detail is worked in intarsia. You will need to cut short lengths of yarn from the jacquard and solid sections of a ball of MC. To minimize the number of ends to sew in, the jacquard sections should be worked with one 45″ (115 cm) long length of yarn which is carried at the back of the work to each of the knitted jacquard sections of the detail. In addition, select three different colours from the solid sections of MC and cut each 30″ (76 cm) long.

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