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Spool Knitting

This term I’m teaching three noon-hour classes at a local elementary school.

Last week in our “Yarn Play” class we made knitting spools out of toilet paper tubes and popsicle sticks. We used hot glue to secure the popsicle sticks to the tubes, then the kids personalized their knitting spools with stickers and markers.

This week we started knitting using their new spools. There was much excitement as everyone’s knitted cord was long enough to come out of the bottom of the spool.

For those who knit up their cord quickly there was just enough time to make a flower like the one below (instructions here). I’ve been seriously considering offering a noon-hour class that’s all spool knitting. There are so many great project ideas for the knitted cord.

7 thoughts on “Spool Knitting”

    1. I’ve done spool knitting with grades 1, 2 and 3. A friend of mine also teaches spool knitting at her son’s school and this year had the grade 6 students (who she had taught when they were in grade 2) help out with a younger class. All the older kids were really excited about it and wanted to try knitting.

  1. Hi Holli,

    I’m preparing to do some spool knitting with my son’s class (they are 5 & 6!).

    I was wondering where you found the little tools each spool has tucked into the rubber band? They look like the perfect thing for lifting the stitches up and over.


    1. They are plastic straight pins meant for holding your knitted pieces in place while you sew them together. I bought them in the notions section of a large fabric store that also carries some knitting supplies. Crochet hooks also work nicely for this purpose.

      If memory serves, some of the students mostly used their fingers though. The “spools” and the weight of yarn are so big that it is easy to manipulate the stitches with their fingers. When they use a tool they seem to have much less control and the stitches have a tendency to fall off the spool.

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