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Knitted Skeleton

Look at the phenomenal detail in this extraordinary handknit skeleton created by California born artist Ben Cuevas.

As an installation artist, Cuevas works with a variety of mixed media including knitting and crochet. He uses fibre as a central element exploring both its social and cultural history as an art and blurring the lines between art and craft.

Cuevas says,

The time intensive and repetitive nature of knitting allows me to meditate on a piece as it comes into being, further revealing the nature of the work as part of the process.

The skeleton forms part of Cuevas’ mixed media piece called Transcending the Material. The meditating skeleton is seated on a pyramid of Borden’s condensed milk cans with images of body parts suspended overhead. The installation was exhibited in the factory town where the Borden company operated. The juxtaposition of the cans of milk and the meditating skeleton are a comment on material culture and local history.

You can read more about Ben Cuevas and his work on his blog. All images used with the artist’s permission.

Wouldn’t you just love to knit something like this to greet the trick or treaters this Hallowe’en?

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