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I have been volunteering in Devan’s class again this year and it’s been really nice to get to know his classmates. Devan is in a grade 2/3 split class and I’ve been showing them how to make pom-poms and most recently we’ve been spool knitting again.


Yesterday I taught them how to make flowers with the i-cord they’ve been knitting with their knitting spools. It’s a fairly simple project, but I didn’t anticipate how challenging sewing the flower together might be. This would be an excellent project for about grade 4 and up to do on their own in a large group situation. You would need to work much more closely with younger kids, but they really enjoy it and feel such a sense of accomplishment after they’ve completed their flowers.

Step 1: With a knitting spool, make a 10″ (25 cm) long cord and bind off. (Follow the links to learn how to spool knit or knit i-cord.)

flower 1

Step 2: Measure out the sections for the petals and place pins every 2″ (5 cm). These will become the “valleys” between petals with the two ends forming the fifth valley.
Note: most of the children’s i-cords were different lengths and I just had them do a bit of math to figure out what the measurements should be. Have them measure their cord and then divide by 5. This is a great math excercise.

flower 2

Step 3: Thread one tail with a tapestry needle and fold the cord at the first pin closest to the tail. Insert the needle through both layers of the folded cord about 1/4″ (.5 cm) behind the pin and repeat with the rest of the pins.

flower 3

Step 4: After all four petal valleys have been created, stitch through the end of the i-cord and thread the needle through the beginning of the i-cord to join in a circle.

flower 4

Step 5: Pull the stitching yarn tight through all the valleys and the flower petals should form. They may need a little finessing to help them into place. If the valleys aren’t crisp and clear, then take a stitch in each valley to help define them.

flower 5

Step 6: Select one or two buttons and stitch them onto the centre of the flower with the tail end. Tack and cut or leave the ends to tie or sew onto something else.

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  1. What fun Holli. I bet it was hard work, but I also bet the kid are thrilled with their flowers. They can hang them on their Christmas trees too. Good for you.

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